West Babylon, New York (PRWEB) May 20, 2015

The Seos Mobile Access Platform, which is adapted to several different interfaces, including NFC and Bluetooth, contains features that allow all types of smart devices such as phones and tablets, as well as watches and other wearables, to serve as secure certificates for access to both physical and digital environments.

By using a protocol that does not transmit any unique information about the user to non-approved receivers, Seos provides heightened privacy protection while making it difficult to track users by constantly updating and replacing the certificates’ unique identification numbers. The technology is now the foundation for mobile key applications in several leading hotels and is also used for solutions at universities, businesses and residences.

We at Quality Door and Hardware, Inc. look forward to further upcoming Seos mobile authentication technologies being integrated in to other ASSA ABLOY products such as the Arrow GL97SR Classroom Intruder Lock, Yale 5490LN Electrified Locks, and HES 5400 series electric strikes.

Quality Door & Hardware, Inc. invites you to visit their e-commerce site at http://www.QualityDoor.com, to learn more about ASSA ABLOY hardware products and all of the other featured quality commercial door hardware products. As always, every product sold is backed by Quality Door & Hardware’s unparalleled customer service and guaranteed everyday competitive prices. Come visit us soon and experience for yourself “the difference that ‘Quality’ can make in your business”.

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San Francisco, California (PRWEB) May 18, 2015

“Making companies bigger and the world smaller” is the motto at Global Monday (GM). This relatively small firm has gained a massive reputation for introducing talented international internship candidates to some of the biggest companies in the world—and vice versa. In response to overwhelming demand, this “little industry-leader-that-could” has updated its web presence to provide even better service than before. Global Monday recently launched a gorgeous new website, complete with ambient video, parallax scrolling, and a minimalist aesthetic that immediately puts users at ease. With a more professional website, GM finally has the web presence to match its outstanding record of efficient processing for J-1 Visa candidates.

GM co-founder and managing partner, Carlos Galdeano, has always emphasized fast results and an easy process when it comes to connecting companies with motivated international students. While the conventional wisdom says obtaining J-1 visas in the US is difficult, Carlos insists that GM’s process is efficient, easy, and effective:

“Our competitors are always talking about how ‘intimidating’ the J-1 Visa process can be. Our goal at Global Monday is to prove that nothing has to be that complex, and it certainly doesn’t have to be scary. We strive for simplicity as well as speed, and according to our customers, we usually succeed.”

This same affinity for efficiency shines through to the design of the website. For example, the new design allows for instantaneous access to the information GM clients need most. This is accomplished through the use of a fixed navigation header that follows users as they scroll down the page. Longtime customers of the company and new clients alike can be assured of easy and fast access to the information they need. In his own words, Carlos describes the reasoning for the relaunch:

“The main goal for the upgrade is to kick off a new stage in our company’s growth. We want to share with our customers how exciting these programs are and how easy the process really is. It seemed like the best way to do this would be to implement a simple and clean website that features detailed program information, and our many testimonials from happy clients.”

The new design reflects the company’s overall mission, and in a pique of irony, the direction Global Monday is headed. Global Monday functions as a facilitator for cultural exchange programs. They help students mature into professionals, and develop companies into culturally diverse corporate environments. Mirroring this motive, the firm is growing its staff as well. Kristy McHugh will be the new accounts manager for GM beginning May 18th.

With a growing team of exceptional professionals and a stellar record of customer service, the only missing ingredient for GM is greater recognition. There are a few different goals behind the quest for notoriety. Obviously, it’s good for business, but beyond that they want to repay the people they work with. Improving the online persona seemed the appropriate way to show GM’S many clients the gratitude they so richly deserve. After all, the amazing feedback they’ve received from both international interns and the companies in which they’ve been placed veritably demands reciprocation.

For instance, Laura from Germany, had this to say:

“Thanks to Global Monday I finally managed to get the internship in New York that I’d been seeking for months. Carlos and Galo were constantly available and friendly when it came to my questions. They would answer email within hours and were always very patient with me. I’m happy that I chose Global Monday as my sponsor and would do it again in a second.”

From the other end of the spectrum, Idan Benaim, Co-Founder of the digital marketing firm, Accomplice in San Francisco, CA also had praises to sing:

“Using Global Monday as a source for interns is amazing. At first we thought we’re just getting a talented engineer, not realizing the cultural impact it would have on the team. Throughout the process they made sure we were informed on every step. Getting resumes, interviewing—all the way to having our intern in the office—all went seamlessly. I personally recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality interns.”

Likewise, the universities that GM works with have nothing to offer but glowing reviews. This statement from an official at Stenden University in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, illustrates GM’s international reputation.

“From the very first J1 Visa Global Monday processed with us, they began to make an impact on both our students and the USA Placement Office. They’ve been diligent and extremely professional while guiding the students through the ( “scary”) J1 process. What sets Global Monday apart from other sponsors Stenden has worked with in the past is the speed of the process, as well as the 24/7 communication available to all parties involved. Global Monday’s enthusiasm for their service and dedication to providing students with timely and efficient J1 processing makes the decision to work with them an easy one.”

Humbled by such ardent support, the management at GM felt their fans deserved a better UX from their website, one that matches the ease and appreciation they felt while working together offline. They also want to spread their wealth of experience to other companies and internship candidates. That’s why a greater emphasis has been placed upon the website’s SEO architecture this time around. Improving the company’s reach is important, not just for a greater profit, but also so GM is able to better achieve their primary objective: connecting the best and brightest from the farthest corners of the globe with the talent-hungry corporate world.

Global Monday is a company based out of San Francisco, CA. They are dedicated to connecting talented young professionals to companies interested in hosting international interns. To check out their improved web presence, or to learn more about their unique process, visit them at: http://www.globalmonday.co/.

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Mountain View, California (PRWEB) May 18, 2015

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. a leading global manufacturer of M2M and IoT devices, today announced its sponsorship of the “IoT-Prototype to Production Workshop,” on June 18, 2015 from 10am to 3pm PT at Hacker DoJo, a community of hackers and startups located in Mountain View, California. The workshop is co-sponsored with Future Electronics, ARM® and Aeris.

Programmers and tech professionals attending “IoT – Prototype to Production Workshop” will learn how to prototype, and develop an IoT project by incorporating the necessary hardware, transport/connectivity and chips. ARM experts will discuss the ARM mbed™ IoT Device Platform and explain how its community of 100,000+ developers are taking products to market with speed and efficiency. Delegates will learn about the platform’s ecosystem of interoperable development solutions, components and services, and learn how to crowd source libraries for sensors and peripherals using a cloud based IDE. They will also get advice on moving data from an edge sensor/processor to a cloud platform as a service using a cellular module.

A pre-lab webinar will be held one week prior to the event to go over the necessary prep work for all participants at the workshop, which will include three hands-on demonstrations:

SMS software: This lab will explore how to send an SMS from a flexible software platform to say, “Hello World.”
Sensor tech: This lab will explore the creation of something like an alcohol monitoring sensor, which can be used to sense your blood-alcohol percentage.
Moisture sensor: This lab will explore how to publish information to the platform as a service using, for example, moisture levels in soil.

“In the fast-evolving world of the Internet of Things, solutions need to be responsive, innovative and nimble. Participants will learn how to get their IoT commercial solutions up and running using provided hardware platforms and mbed.org to create new connected prototypes with the help of professionals from Future, ARM and Aeris, ” said Michael Finegan, Director of Business Development at MultiTech.

Programmers, product managers and engineers are encouraged to attend to learn how to build successful business practices and avoid critical pitfalls of IoT development. Attendees will receive a development kit and data plan for prototyping purposes.

Instructors include leading executives from MultiTech, Future, ARM and Aeris. Registration can be made at: http://www.tinyurl.com/q2nbbpc

About Future Electronics

Future Electronics is a global leader in electronics distribution, ranking 3rd in component sales worldwide, with an impressive reputation for developing efficient, and comprehensive global supply chain solutions. Founded in 1968, the company has established itself as one of the most innovative organizations in the industry today, with 5,000 employees in 169 offices in 44 countries around the world. Future Electronics is globally integrated, with one worldwide IT infrastructure providing real-time inventory availability and access, while enabling full integration of its operations, sales and marketing worldwide. Offering the highest level of service, the most advanced engineering capabilities and technical solutions through all stages of the design-production cycle, and the largest available-to-sell inventory in the world, Future’s mission is always to Delight the Customer®. For more information, visit http://www.FutureElectronics.com. Contact: Martin H. Gordon, martin(dot)gordon(at)FutureElectronics(dot)com, 514-694-7710 (ext. 2236).

About ARM

ARM is at the heart of the world’s most advanced digital products. Our technology enables the creation of new markets and transformation of industries and society. We design scalable, energy efficient-processors and related technologies to deliver the intelligence in applications ranging from sensors to servers, including smartphones, tables, enterprise infrastructure and the Internet of Things.

Our innovative technology is licensed by ARM Partners who have shipped more than 60 billion System on Chip (SoCs) containing our intellectual property since the company began in 1990. Together with our Connected Community, we are breaking down barriers to innovation for developers, designers and engineers, ensuring a fast, reliable route to market for leading electronics companies. Learn more and join the conversation at http://community.arm.com.

About Aeris

Aeris is a pioneer and leader in the market of the Internet of Things – as an operator of end-to-end M2M services and as a technology provider enabling other operators to deliver profitable M2M services. Among our customers are the most demanding users of M2M services today, including Hyundai, Acura, Rand McNally, Leica, and Sprint. Through our “Made for Machines” technology and services, we strive to fundamentally improve their businesses – by dramatically reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, reducing time-to-market, and enabling new revenue streams. Visit http://www.aeris.com for more information.

About MultiTech

MultiTech has been expanding the connected world by delivering industry-leading communications technology platforms for over 40 years. Offering an extensive line of fully certified and carrier-approved gateways, routers, modems and embedded components, MultiTech works with thousands of customers worldwide to easily enable cellular, analog, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® , LoRa®, GPS/GNSS, and other M2M communication capabilities for their IoT applications. For more information, please visit http://www.multitech.com.



Jennifer Costello

MG Communications

Tel: 781-715-4870


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Denver, CO (PRWEB) May 13, 2015

A top Denver SEO agency, Eye To Ad Media is now offering custom sales presentations that can be used for in-home selling, retail and online based sales applications. Businesses that sell products, or services directly to consumers, or to other businesses can get a new presentation developed, or have an existing one refined and updated. The company utilizes sophisticated representative training integration methodology into the sales funnel, no matter the type of industry or business. In addition, search engine optimization can be utilized to help distribute marketing materials, presentation images and branding associated with the client acquisition campaign.

Cross channel marketing and automation marketing are the future of advertising. Having a powerful sales presentation is essential for many businesses. The bottom line, whether in the positive or negative is greatly impacted by many little factors. The cost per lead, depending on the industry can be in the thousands of dollars. For online advertising, a single click through to a website can be $ 50.00 plus, depending upon the competitiveness level of the target keyword, and whether or not it’s pay per click or organic. There’s no question, it isn’t cheap to get a lead or a new customer. Revenue per lead is an invaluable metric that can be an indicator into a company’s wellbeing. There’s no question, a sales call can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Ensuring the highest closing ratios possible is every sales manager’s job. They need to make certain that every single opportunity is capitalized on. This involves managing several strategic steps, typically beginning with an analysis of client needs. Aligning the company offering with the prospects wants or needs is a crucial component to making sales. A prospect doesn’t always understand that they need something, even though in many instances the product or service may be of good use or benefit to them. A professional business sales presentation can help explain important attributes and selling factors to a prospective client. Utilizing graphics, videos, images and sound can turn a boring presentation, into an interesting, informative delivery of reasons to do business without delay.

Marketing a business just got a lot easier. This exceptional firm also specializes in custom video production and can distribute videos to thousands of websites all over the internet in the matter of hours. Videos can be very effective when integrated into websites, landing pages and presentations. A video can help ensure the same message is conveyed every single time. Many companies have a video burned onto a DVD to leave with their prospects. The purposes are varied, but ultimately it is about streamlining company protocol and optimizing conversion rates.

This unique Denver SEO agency offers a wide variety of services that work seamlessly in conjunction with the custom presentations. Some of them include, internet marketing, search engine marketing, website development, keyword research, web hosting, domain registration, script writing, protocol development, copywriting, graphic design, video, voice overs, sales training and marketing planning. Business owners and managers who want know how to market a business will want to contact this national media company for a no cost initial consultation. Often times their professionals can make recommendations for improvement right away.

Their responsive website development packages are mobile friendly and will respond and configure accordingly to the device the website is being viewed on. Searchers are increasingly using mobile devices and many of them care about the ease of use and functionality of a website. Having a site that aligns with a brand, presentation and overall marketing campaign is only a glimpse into the services offered by this organization. To find out better ways to market a business, or for more detailed information visit https://www.EyeToAd.com, or call the phone number provided herein.

Contact Information:

Zach Wennstedt



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Tokyo, Japan (PRWEB) May 14, 2015

GMO Internet Group non-face-to-face payment processing service provider, GMO Payment Gateway Inc, announces it has partnered with Exabytes Ecommerce Group Sdn Bhd, a shopping cart service provider in Malaysia, to provide overseas payment service, GMO-PG Global Payment for the Exabytes shopping cart solution, EasyStore, beginning May 14.

As a result, Japanese ecommerce operators (*1) using EasyStore in the Malaysia market will be able to offer payment methods such as credit cards and online banking which are common in Malaysia while receiving operational support in Japanese from “GMO-PG Global Payment”.

(*1) A local corporation established in Malaysia is required to use the GMO-PG Global Payment service.

With expected growth at an annual average rate of 37.6% from 2013 to 2018, the e-commerce market in south-east Asia is showing signs of strong growth. GMO-PG has established a local presence in five countries and regions expected to develop, including south-eastern Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. GMO-PG has been strategically expanding in Asia taking advantage of synergies between its two main businesses; GMO-PG Global Payment, the global payment service for Japanese e-commerce businesses operating these regions, and GMO Global Payment Fund, a venture capital fund dedicated to payment providers that forms capital and business alliances with local payment providers.

GMO-PG established local Malaysian corporation, GMO PAYMENT GATEWAY MALAYSIA SDN.BHD., on February 2014. With a GDP per capita exceeding USD10,000 in 2014, Malaysia is the second largest economy in south-east Asia only behind Singapore with a share of approximately 20% of the entire e-commerce market in south-east Asia which is worth approximately USD9 billion in total. Given this environment, it is expected that participation in the Malaysian e-commerce market will increase not only from Japan but from sellers of products, games, and other digital content from around the world.

In order to provide better support for Japanese e-commerce businesses entering the Malaysia market, GMO-PG is partnering with provide with Exabytes to link the GMO-PG Global Payment system to EasyStore, the largest shopping cart in Malaysia.

Japanese e-commerce operators who have established a local company in Malaysia will be able to build an e-commerce website on EasyStore and use the GMO-PG Global Payment plug-in to accept credit card payments in local currency, online bank transfer and other common payment methods in Malaysia. In addition, Japanese companies with less experience in global business can rest assured that all operational support is provided in Japanese.

Going forward GMO-PG Global Payment will partner with shopping cart services in other regions including Singapore and Thailand, to continue expanding global support for Japanese e-commerce operators.

(*2) From an analysis on e-commerce market in south-east Asia released by Frost & Sullivan (July 4th, 2014)

About GMO-PG Global Payment

GMO-PG Global Payment is a Global payment service for Japanese e-commerce business operators aiming to expand through the establishment of local companies in overseas markets. With the provision of payment methods that meet local needs in each market as well as local currency credit card payments , GMO-PG Global Payment currently operates in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand (*3).

GMO-PG Global Payment, offers Japanese-language support to merchants including negotiation and operational support, and all transactions are processed in local currencies. making the service ideal even for e-commerce businesses expanding overseas for the first time. Furthermore, through collaboration with leading businesses in each country, GMO-PG will provide not only payment solutions, but everything necessary for a successful overseas expansion including delivery, promotion and marketing.

(*3) GMO-PG can only provide services within the limits of the law of each country and credit card regulations concerning cross border transactions.

About Exabytes Ecommerce Group Sdn Bhd

Exabytes Ecommerce Group Sdn Bhd has been aggressively developing a hosting type EC platform equipped with a shopping cart function, “EasyStore”, in which the largest scale of more than 15,000 sites have been set up in Malaysia as of now.

Besides, Exabytes Network, which is its parent company, is a web hosting corporation founded in 2001 with its headquarters at Kuala Lumpur. For its about 65,000 of small and middle-sized corporations and individual customers, Exabytes Network provides approximately 100 million e-mail accounts for more than 121 countries across the world in addition to 100,000 of web sites.

About GMO Payment Gateway

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. is a non-face-to-face payment processing service provider offering solutions including online transaction processing for online stores, social and smartphone content sellers, and processing of recurring payments NHK television license fees. The company also provides dedicated payment solutions for public institutions including Japan Pension Service and Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Our services are safe and convenient for both business and the consumer. As the largest payment processing service in Japan, GMO Payment Gateway is an innovation leader and key contributor to the growth and development e-commerce. Please visit http://www.gmo-pg.com.sg/ for more information.

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Internet Marketing For Avon Representatives
The Recession Sees An Increase In The Number Of Avon Reps, Already Numbering Around 3 Million World Wide. I Outline A One Of A Kind Step By Step Internet Marketing System That Will Change The Way Reps Promote Products Online
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Internet Marketing Strategies For The Professional Counselor

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A few Internet Marketing products I can recommend:

Internet Marketing & Offline Local Business Marketing
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Internet Marketing Apprentice Recurring Commissions
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Internet Marketing Educational Video Course Extravaganza!
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Internet Marketing Educational Video Course Extravaganza!

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New York, NY (PRWEB) May 14, 2015

Candy Factory Films is proud to announce the first titles to be released under the Electric Candy name: Writer/Director Eddie Mullins’ pre-apocalyptic comedy, “Doomsdays,” starring Leo Fitzpatrick (“Kids”) will be released day and date in theaters and VOD on June 5; Sarah Adina Smith’s paranormal psychodrama, “The Midnight Swim,” which recently won an audience award at AFI Fest and Fangoria called “One of Fango’s favorite films from the fest circuit over the past year,” will receive a limited theatrical and VOD release on June 26th.

Candy Factory has also just acquired Patrick Ryan’s revenge drama, “Darkness on the Edge of Town,” which screened at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival and garnered high praise for its script, performances, and cinematography. Maren Olson of Traction Media negotiated the deal on behalf of the filmmakers with Caitlin Gold of Candy Factory.

“The launch of our genre arm is a major growth-spurt for our young company,” says Candy Factory CEO Jason Ward. “We’re thrilled to welcome these exceptional films and filmmakers into our family.”

Additional titles to be released under the Electric Candy moniker include Merlin Dervisevic’s “Cruel & Unusual,” starring award-winning actors Richard Harmon (“The Age of Adaline”) and Michael Eklund (“Watchmen”), and Brandon Nicholas’ surreal thriller, “Limbus,” which tells the story of four cult members stuck in purgatory following a mass suicide.

About Candy Factory Films

Candy Factory Films is dedicated to producing and distributing high impact films and fostering communities around independent cinema. Candy Factory Films is a filmmaker-friendly multimedia distribution and production company committed to keeping with the best interests of our clients. We embrace emerging distribution and social media trends to successfully promote films and incentivize project-specific audiences. We promise individualized services and customized experiences to increase overall exposure. We pride ourselves on our inventive methods for filmmaking success. Connect with Candy Factory Films at CandyFactoryFilms.com, on Facebook and @CandyFactory411.

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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) May 13, 2015

The newest radio show from Cloud Talk Radio focuses on using the right merchant service solutions for CPA practices. Hosts Robert J. Chandler and Keith Eneix interview CEO of CPA Merchant Services, Leigh Cook.

Tune into Cloud Talk Radio each week by going to their website: http://cloudtalkradio.com/

Answering the question of using the right merchant service solutions for CPA practices, Leigh Cook shares a new process of credit card processing that can dramatically improve the financials of businesses as well as clients.

The show continues as Leigh gives two important reasons why integrating with the right merchant service can have a big impact on a business’s bottom line. To learn more about merchant service solutions for CPA practices, listen to the full interview from Cloud Talk Radio.

About Cloud Talk Radio

Cloud Talk Radio is hosted by Robert Chandler, President and CEO at Cloud9 Real Time, and Keith Eneix, CEO at Fannit.com and internet marketing expert. Together, these cloud computing and business executives seek to provide business strategists and managers with practical and useful tips on how to make their company more efficient, generate higher revenue, and create better-targeted marketing strategies.

Media Contact for Cloud Talk Radio

Tony Lael

Everett, WA


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Lebanon, NJ (PRWEB) May 12, 2015

Google’s latest algorithm update rolled out on April 21, 2015, basically mandating websites be mobile-friendly. Hunterdon Business Services, LLC, a Lebanon, NJ marketing company specializing in the development of responsive desktop websites and standalone, mobile websites, announced discounts for small businesses on its web development services today. These discounts are valid for services contracted now through the end of June, the month commemorating small businesses across the country.

It has been estimated that approximately 60% of today’s internet searches are conducted on mobile devices, and Google’s latest change is an effort to make sure those users have a satisfactory experience. While no business is exempt from the change, small businesses are expected to feel the greatest impact.

“Small businesses may not even be aware of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm change,” said Hunterdon Business Services’ President Patricia Birchenough, a small business owner herself. “For the small business owner, it is essential that they not only be aware of the change, but that they take steps to transition to a mobile-friendly website now.”

A Small Business Advertising Survey conducted earlier this year by Thrive Analytics revealed that of the small businesses that performed their own marketing efforts, 60% had websites that were not optimized for mobile use; of those that outsourced their marketing efforts, 30% had websites that failed the mobile-friendly test. To test a website, a site owner can access Google’s online tool directly.

“Our company is primed to help small businesses meet Google’s latest requirements for their websites,” stated Ms. Birchenough. “Compliance with Google’s algorithm requirements is critical,” she added.

Hunterdon Business Services offers two options for meeting the mobile-friendly test: responsive desktop websites and standalone, mobile websites.

Responsive websites are designed to “respond” to the device in use, meaning the display and size of the content on the desktop automatically adjusts for easy viewing on the smaller devices. The user, in this instance, sees exactly the same content that appears on the desktop website, but the display of that content is optimized for the mobile device or tablet. Hunterdon Business Services is offering a 10% discount on these services contracted for through the end of June 2015.

A standalone, mobile website differs in that it contains only the pertinent information about a business and its services, and navigation of the site is icon-driven. Mobile visitors to a business’ non-responsive website are automatically directed to a standalone, mobile site. With a standalone, mobile site, a business can leave its current website in place and still pass Google’s mobile-friendly test. Hunterdon Business Services is able to deliver a ten-page standalone, mobile website quickly at a flat rate of $ 765 for sites contracted for prior to the end of June 2015, representing a 10% savings over its regular price.

Examples of responsive and standalone, mobile websites developed by Hunterdon Business Services can be found on its website. In addition to the discounts being offered, the marketing team at Hunterdon Business Services is available by phone to answer any questions a business owner may have in regards to mobile-friendly websites without obligation. For further marketing-related information, visit Hunterdon Business Services’ Facebook page.

Hunterdon Business Services, LLC, located at 1117 State Route 31, Lebanon, NJ offers a comprehensive line of marketing services for small- and medium-sized businesses, including logo development and branding, traditional print materials, social media marketing, internet marketing and website development. To learn more about the marketing services offered by Hunterdon Business Services or to ask questions about mobile-friendly websites, call 908-200-7766 or visit the company’s website.

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